Purandara Jayanti - Daasotsava 2015

Triveni EC is pleased to report that more than 200 people attended our first program of the year Purandara Jayanthi/Dasotsava 2015. In spite of inclement frigid weather, it was gratifying to note such a good gathering. We would like to thank all of you who came in such good numbers and made the first program of the year PJD 2015 celebration such a great success.
About 78+participants of all ages (4.5 years to 83 years) entertained us with solo, group and mini concerts yesterday; it was a well spent evening with little chinnas invoking the true music spirit  “ Devotion and Entertainment “.  
About 200 members attended the program and our charming & smooth MC Shantala Surya kept all attendees engaged and entertained. It was a great program, entertaining master of ceremony, friendly people- felt cordially welcomed and the kids loved the "sense of winning" with the trophies. 
We would like to thank all the participants who worked so hard and put up such a beautiful show. The saxophone mini concert was excellent; it added such a variety to the program.
The featured item of the day was duet music concert program by Suchatria Laximsha & Vinuta Sridhar and group. The featured concert was truly enthralling! Their melodious voice and powerful renditions captivated the audience and gave fitting finish to the day's events and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all the members attended. We thank Ms Laximsha and Ms Sridhar & group for a superb performance.
Many of you volunteered to help us with the snack/dinner item preparations.  The quality of both snacks and dinner menu served were well appreciated by all those who enjoyed them. Our loving thanks to all the annapurnes.
We have received excellent help and support from so many volunteers in all areas including sound management, registration, snack and dinner set up, equipment transportation, clean up and whatever else needed to be done to run the event successfully. Our heartfelt thanks to all these volunteers; we could not have done it without your help.
A number of you expressed your appreciation, made many positive comments about the program, and encouraged the participants by recognizing their dedication and hard work.  These are the fuel which keeps the spirit of the artists and the organizers high and motivate us to bring you high quality programs. We thank you for your kindness and generosity. With your help and support, we are confident that we can take Triveni programs to greater heights!

PJD 2015