2013 Events



Gauri and Ganesha pooja was beautifully performed under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Umesh Jois. In spite of his busy schedule, Mr. Umesh Jois is providing this volunteer service to Triveni organization from numerous year; we thank him for his dedication and continued support. More than hundred plus people attended the program

The cultural program consisted of:

A. Group songs by Triveni Nightingales

B. Group song by Triveni Chinnaris

C. Melodious Violin recital by Siddhant Dala

D. Recital of Vinayaka Stotra Sandhi composed in Kannada by Sri Jagannatha Daasaru of Hari Dasa Parampare by Dr Ramamurthy.

E. Humorous Ganesh story gear towards to our Triveni Chinnaris by Dr Jayaram.

F. A scholarly and informative talk on Krishnajanstami by Mrs. Ragachar

We were very proud see Triveni Chinnaris; small kids’ ages ranging from 3 years to 10 years old programming with so much enthusiasm and having fun at the same time. Of course thanks to all mom & dad for their effort & time in preparing these kids. KUDOS TO ALL THE MOM’S & DAD’S.

This was followed by delicious hubbada oota catered by Triveni members and Triveni EC team. We thank Triveni Annapurna’s for preparing delicious meal and Mrs. Parimala Arunkumar for making Kudabu; which gave a special touch to the hubbada oota.

The featured item of the day was high quality classical music concert program by famous Dr.Mysore Nagamani Srinath and her group. The featured concert was truly enthralling! Her melodious voice and powerful renditions captivated the audience and gave fitting finish to the day's events and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all the members attended. We thank Ms Nagamani & her group for a superb performance.

Our warmest thanks to all these participants for their excellent performances. A number of you expressed your appreciation and made many positive comments about the programs; you encouraged the artists & organizers by recognizing their dedication and hard work. This appreciation for their work is the fuel that keeps the spirit of the artists and the organizers high and helps bring quality programs. We thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Triveni EC sincerely thanks everyone who attended the program and our generous sponsors& donors. Triveni Association is a small Non-Profit Organization; to bring high quality programs from famous artists is only possible by the support of sponsors and donors like you. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We would also like to thank our sister organizations; Brindavan Kanada Koota of NJ; Navodhya Kannada Koota of PA; Hoysala Kannada Sangha of DE;Veerashaiva Samaja of North America/NY ( VSNANY) and South Jersey Kerala Association for their support. We requested them to advertise and promote our feature program of the day to their members; which they happily obliged. This shows that we are brothers & sisters of same homeland and we are there to help & support each other. We thank you for your thoughtfulness.

We thank many volunteers who provided outstanding help and support in all areas including sound management, registration, decoration, snack and lunch set up, equipment transportation, and whatever else was needed to run the event successfully. We would personally like to thank Mr. Nathan for his outstanding help in setting up the sound system and Mr. Nataraj for recording the feature program of the day.

And last, but not least, a very sincere thank you to all the attendees; you are responsible for the day’s success! Without your continued support, we would never be able to put on events like these, so we thank you.

The EC knows we could have done some things even better, especially in the area of time management. We tried to manage the time as much as possible but few things were beyond our control. We thank you for your patience and your co-operation. With your help and support, we are confident that we can take Triveni programs to greater heights! Our EC team is dedicated to involve, motivate and encourage Triveni’s youth as much as possible during our programs since they are the future of Triveni. We are asking all the parents and grand parents to continue to encourage their children and grand children to get involved with activities. We want to also encourage all of you to actively participate in whatever capacity you are able. We have need of whatever time and talents you can contribute. Again, this is our Triveni: with your help, support, and attendance to the programs, we are confident that it will grow to greater heights!

Again, our heartfelt thanks to all volunteers, performers, donors, and audience without whom we could not have done it. I also want to personally thank the committee members & their family for their hard work, commitments and sacrifices.