Triveni Appeal to Triveni Members for Support

to Help a Fellow Kannadiga in Need

Background: On March 9, 2012, my friend Mr. Sathyanarayana Bhatt (Narayan), a 45-year old IT professional (originally from Bangalore), residing in Dallas, Texas, was driving home after a game of tennis, when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at a stop-light. It was a Saturday morning and there was sporadic traffic on the road. By the time a Good Samaritan saw Narayan’s condition and called 911, and their subsequent response; it was almost 10-12 minutes – EMT had to break the rear window glass, and pull Narayan out of driver seat. Narayan was found in an unconscious state, with his right foot on the brakes, and the car in drive-gear. In addition to cardiac arrest, Narayan suffered Anoxic Brain Injury. Anoxic brain injury is caused by a lack of oxygen going to the brain. Since that time, Narayan has been making slow progress, and his wife, Renuka Deshpande, has been taking care of him. Narayan is currently in the Baylor Specialty Hospital, Dallas, Texas.

The Need: Narayan’s health insurance is expiring on July 31, 2012. Narayan’s Short-Term Disability is ending in August 2012. Renuka is a housewife; and her parents who are currently visiting from India to provide support, will have to return in October 2012. Without an adequate support system (family support, infrastructure, etc.), it is significantly hard for Renuka alone to continue Narayan’s care in a home-setting. Therefore plans are currently underway to transport Narayan to India – moving to India is beneficial to Narayan because it will significantly assist in stimulating his brain (i.e. being surrounded by his family and well-wishers; and being immersed in familiar Kannada speaking, Bangalore environment). The total estimated air-transport cost is approximately $30,000 to $40,000 – this is the typical cost for transporting a patient on a stretcher to India in a commercial airline; and includes medical personnel and special medical equipment. Narayan’s family is actively working with the insurance company for assistance with at least a portion of the transportation costs; however, at this time, there are no commitments from the insurance company.

updated on 08/27/2012

Our Appeal:

Mr. Narayan’s family decided to move him to India where he can slowly recover surrounded by his family, well –wishers and familiar Kannada speaking , Bangalore environment. He is been in India from last few weeks and he is showing small improvements (small steps towards recovery).

Unfortunately; the insurance company was unable to provide further assistance towards his hospital stay or transportation to India, as they were hoping for. Mrs. Renuka Deshpande (Mr. Narayan’s wife) has taken personal loan from the bank to arrange for transportation to India and other needs.

So far Triveni has collected $1840 which includes funds collected during walkathon and checks mailed by supportive kannadigas. We have decided to extend the time frame to October 15th to collected additional funds so that we can assist our own kannadiga at the time of their need. Triveni will send out 2 installment checks to the Narayan’s family friend who is taking care of financial aspects. The funds collected till August 30th will be mailed out by September 7thand funds collected from September 1st to October 15th will be mailed out by October 20th.

Narayan’s friends and well wishers are reaching out to friends and families and organization to pray for Mr. Narayan’s well being and also to consider making a donation to help them through this hardship... We are reaching out to our Triveni members to consider the same

You may make check payable to “Triveni Inc”and mail it to the following address


If you have any questions and concerns please feel free to contact


Thank you

Triveni EC -Team